Leading Company for Antique Furniture Restoration in Melbourne 

Are you considering the idea of restoring antique furniture? 

At Dealing In Design, we take pride in offering professional and expert vintage furniture restoration in Melbourne to give your pieces of furniture a fresh warm look. Our goal is to conserve the integrity of your furniture pieces while restoring its former glory. We are an experienced highly competent team in all aspects of antique and vintage restorations. Whatever style or era of furniture that you wish to restore, we will work with you and guide you to the desired result. 

Give Your Antique Furniture A New Look

We encourage our clients not to give up on their old pieces of furniture and we are here to help you throughout the restoration process. If you have a piece of furniture that looks faded or is damaged, we can refresh its look with the knowledge and expertise of our master craftsman. Over the years we have carried out countless furniture restorations and you can completely rely on us for the best possible outcome. We are passionate about reviving furniture from the past and utilise both traditional and modern techniques to give your antique pieces a highly sort after and professional finish.

We understand the value of your antique furniture and every part of the restoration process is carried out with utmost care. Our goal is to ensure that your furniture is enriched with a professional and skilful treatment to achieve the most desired look. At all times we are taking the greatest of care of your furniture throughout the restoration experience.

We are committed to offering services of the highest standards and offering a fulfilling outcome to our customers is our goal. We believe in establishing a lasting relationship with our clients and our flawless reputation reflects the quality of our service. Whatever the type of repair or restoration that you are looking for, we will be happy to help you. Get in touch with us today! 

An Expert Touch For Your Antique Furniture 

We emphasize conservation and the quality of our service is unsurpassed. We begin by assessing your furniture and understanding the needs of our clients. Whether you require a specialist repair or just want to breathe new life into your furniture pieces, we can help you. 

 We take pride in what we do and assure you of the best possible outcome. Our services encompass a complete range of repair and restoration work and you can always count on us for the best outcome. 

If you are keen on maintaining the character and value of antique furniture, look no further.We assure you that the job will be carried out to the highest standards. Restore your antique furniture and enrich your home with an impressive charm. With our services, you can preserve your furniture for generations to come.

If you have any queries or wish to know more about our service, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you.

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