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Dealing in Design specializes in the repair and restoration of furnishings and interiors to increase its appeal while preserving its integrity. We are an established company for furniture restoration in Melbourne and have a highly skilled team of craftsmen eager to solve all types of restorations. If you are  looking for experienced and renowned furniture restorers in Melbourne, we are here to help you every step of the way. We utilise both traditional and modern techniques to achieve your desired outcome, our restoration and repairs are of the finest quality.

Do you have an antique piece of furniture that looks dull?

We are extremely passionate about what we do and have succeeded in building a flawless reputation for the quality of our restoration service. We emphasize every detail and provide a complete range of services to ensure that every item we deal with exceeds your expectations. We provide services both for domestic and commercial clients, we can bring your furniture back to its former glory. We also specialise in alterations, where we work with our clients in order to achieve the desired outcome and give your piece of furniture a whole new life.

We Are A Name You Can Trust

If you have a piece of furniture has been damaged, you can count on us for a flawless restoration service. We have years of experience and have successfully restored complex and intricate pieces, we have achieved great outcomes on all  kinds of varying styles and eras of furniture. Restoration can a variable option for your aging furniture, in many cases opting to restore rather than purchase new has many benefits. Older items often have an interesting story and history. Purchasing new items can be quite daunting, when restoring you don’t have to worry about changing dimensions, materials and colour etc.  With our expertise and know-how, we have the skills to offer unrivalled restoration services in Melbourne and we can usually have your item restored and returned with two-three weeks. We thoroughly inspect your furniture, offer our advice, but we also listen to your concerns and considerations so we can achieve the outcome you are looking for. We value your pieces of furniture and value your restoration considerations. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the importance of including and updating our clients in the restoration process. If you are interested in returning a piece of your furniture back to its best, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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Why Choose Our Service For Furniture Restoration in Melbourne?

Wondering what makes us the right choice for furniture repair and restoration?

We have a dedicated team and we have been restoring furniture for over 15 years. Through extended study and experience has we have attained a rich knowledge of ancient, traditional, and modern techniques. With this knowledge we are able masterly delineate the best treatment to achieve the appropriate and desired outcome for each individual piece of furniture. We strive to preserve the originality and integrity of each piece of furniture whilst providing the highest quality expert restoration, and ultimately an impressive finish. 

Whether your furniture has a faded or damaged surface, we can restore and transform it for you. We provide a complete restoration service, repairing your items structurally and aesthetically. When restoring a piece of furniture, we always start with repairing the structure. Starting the process by repairing loose or broken joints, we have extensive skills in hand made timber joints, welding and brazing. We are able to completely rebuild damaged and degraded joints or components. We can expertly identify timbers, then we select from our extensive range of local and imported timbers to produce seamless repairs.  We are able to identically recreate components and joints, whether the pieces are shaped, turned or laminated. Once the piece of furniture is structurally sound, we move on to the aesthetics. We take great pride in the look, feel and overall aesthetic of your furniture. We strive to achieve an outstanding finished product, and we believe that the final steps of the restoration process are paramount. We can often preserve the original finish by gently working it back and completing a process of over polishing. However some items require that we completely strip, sand, repair and apply  a new finish. We can customise a service  and a finish to suit any application. Whether  you want the item restored traditionally or completely altered to serve a different function/look we are happy to work with you and challenge ourselves. We do it all, be it a beautiful traditional French Polish, a hard wearing lacquer finsh or a modern, minimal natural oil.

With our service, you have the following benefits:

· We are a highly experienced and competent team

· We provide a complete range of restoration services

· We customise a service to suit your desired outcome and budget whilst maintaining impeccable attention to detail

· We specialise in preserving the integrity of your antique pieces

· We are competitively price and we customise our service to suit all budgets

· We are renowned for our specialised knowledge and skills in fine furniture restoration

· We are highly recommended amongst Collectors, Auction Houses, Design Dealers , Interior Designers and have many five star reviews from our ever growing Private Client.

Based on the extent of the damage, we will explain and suggest the best restoration technique. Your satisfaction is of upmost important to us and we will always keep you informed about the restoration service. We are happy provide samples colours and finishes to help inform you of the process. We often produce drawings to explain repairs, we send photo updates and we are more than happy to organise times for clients to drop in so you can see the progress of your furniture.

Want to give your furniture a new lease on life?

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy and enthusiastic to help you. 

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Selected Works

Plaster Bust Repair

Here is a short little clip of Jamie from Dealing in Design repairing a damaged Plaster Bust. Press Play!

Restoration Tip

Here Jamie from Dealing in Design shows one of his favourite techniques for repairing joint loose joints. This method is very useful when you are unable to completely release the joins because of ornate plaster and an original gilded finish. Enjoy.

Italian Urn Repairs

Super quick little snippet of Jamie repair Two Large Italian Porcelain Urns. 

If you have scrolled down this far, well done! Here is a little bit more about me...

Jamie Neville-Young is an Antique, Decorative Arts and Modern Design Restorer located in Burke Road Camberwell, Melbourne Australia. For over Twelve Years Jamie has worked in conjunction with Melbourne’s foremost Interior Designers, Design Dealers, Fine Art Collectors, Auction Houses, Artist and countless private clients. Dealing in Design is a complete restoration service, specialising in the restoration of the rarer examples of European and Australian design.

Although Jamie began his career in Fine Antique French and English interiors he has developed a growing love of Post War, Mid Century and Modern Design. It is this vast experience in styles and eras that has made Jamie proficient in the traditional methods of restoration and a renowned specialist in Modern Finishes and Alterations. Jamie is at the forefront of Modern Restorations Techniques in Australia and is an authority when it comes to high end, difficult and sensitive restorations.

Dealing in Design is able to customise a service for almost any budget be it Restoration, Design or Fabrication. Everything from quick small repairs, to sensitive sentimental conservation and large bold alterations can all be scaled to fit a clients needs and budget.

Dealing in Design services Interior Designers such as Carr Designs and Studio McQualter. Design Dealers such as Geoffrey Hatty Applied Arts, Capocchi Collingwood and Smith Street Bazaar. Auctioneers such as 1st Dibs, Leonard Joels and Gibsons Auctioneers.

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