E1 Geoffrey Hatty

Season One Episode One Has Landed!

I’m so stoked that our first guest is Geoffrey Hatty from Geoffrey Hatty Applied Arts.

Geoffrey has been sourcing 20th Century decorative arts for over 30 years and his space in Cremorne showcases some of the best design from the last 100 years. His collection is truely jaw dropping, next level stuff and Geoffrey is a talented, interesting and inspirational fella.

In this episode we discuss Geoffrey’s journey from growing up in Country Victoria, opening his first shop in Melbourne and ultimately becoming one of Australia’s most respected 20th Century Design Dealers. We also touch on the art of sourcing items overseas, the business of decorative arts, post-war Italian design and Geoffrey’s love for music. Enjoy.

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You can watch the full 50 minute interview here

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I think our Sixty Second Specials will suit you

Sixty Second Special

Here Geoffrey offers his insights on the ingredients countries need to produce great 20th Century design and in his opinion, nobody is as stylish and design conscience as the Italians.

One Minute More

If you’re a design lover you’ll probably relate to this funny little clip. I guess sometimes your roommates may not prioritise and appreciate decorative arts as much as you ; )