E4 Piero Gesualdi

Welcome episode 4 and welcome Piero Gesualdi from Mondopiero

Yep, our guest this week is Piero Paolo Gesualdi from Mondopiero in Brunswick Street Fitzroy. Take one step through the double doors of this double story building and you are submerged in a mix of design and detail. Make no mistake you have set foot into Piero’s World, and it does not disappoint!

Mondopiero evokes the surroundings of a lifetime dedicated to the appreciation and creation of beautiful things; showcasing craftsmanship, artisanal skill, design and the whisper of a refined sense of taste.

I can’t think of anyone else in the Melbourne design scene as interesting as Piero. He has done it all, from owning restaurants and clubs to importing and owning fashion labels, not to mention he is an architect! He really is an entrepreneur, a super stylish Italian entrepreneur!

In this wide-ranging conversation, Piero explains why he left architecture at RMIT to go to India and we find out how Piero managed to be the first person to introduce cutting-edge international luxury fashion labels such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo and Comme de Garçons into the Australian market.

Piero’s Fashion Victims

If you were a ‘fashion victim’ 35 years ago you would probably be buying a pair of Giorgio Armani Jeans off Piero Gesualdi! In this quick little clip Piero is explaining how he introduced massive luxury brands into the Australian market. Enjoy.