E10 Ken Neale

This week our Guest is Ken Neale

Yes Episode 10, our season finale is here and it is with Ken Neale.

Ken is a bit of a legend in the industry, he is known nationally for his depth of knowledge in history and design, particularly when it comes to 20th Century Design. Ken has to be the most requested guest of this season, everyone has been asking me “When are you going to interview Ken??”

Now, we have interviewed him now! Ha! : )

I flew to Sydney to do this interview, I’m so happy Ken could be part of the podcast and I hope everyone that has requested this interview enjoys it. We recorded this over three hours on the sidewalk outside Ken’s shop in on Darley Street. Ken really is the man about town in those parts, I managed to cut the interview down to around one hour and ten minutes after editing out all his friends and random locals stopping by to say hi and join in the interview.

It was an absolute pleasure, we had a great time so give it a listen and let us know your thoughts.